Moments of romantic gifting
with a focus on high-end jewellery

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A well-known and popular jewellery retailer based in India that is exploring strategies for a planned expansion into the US.


What are the major moments of romantic gifting taking place within the US? What items are being gifted in these moments and where does fine jewellery fit? How can ad strategies appeal to each moment?

Insight & Impact

We studied approximately 20,000 social media posts across TikTok, Instagram, and the wider web. We then curated and extracted 670 unique keywords, representing a search volume of approximately 39 million unique searches over the past two years. This allowed us to identify nine moment categories, which were analyzed in greater depth using qualitative and quantitative methods. Points of emotional resonance were highlighted throughout the analysis,

and we were ultimately able to offer valuable insights into consumers’ core needs and motivations. Demographic diversity and niche moments were revealed. For example, the Tradition’s Embrace moment demonstrated smaller size but high growth, thus representing an opportunity for the client to develop ads that resonate with desires to gift romantically during occasions that traditionally emphasize one’s culture and family.

We interpreted moments of romantic gifting through the lens of the following axes:

Moments of significant romantic gifting

Consideration factors & tensions

Gifts that mirror the strength and specialness of their love…

Dating app Bumble is known for centering female autonomy and gender fluidity. Designed for women to make the first move, Bumble’s algorithm centers female choice. Our emotion detection found 63% of their ad signalled happiness, while a majority of images (38%) were classified as connoting female autonomy.

Size: 30%
Growth: +11%

Moments of significant romantic gifting

Well-known, upscale brand:

Birthdays and annual anniversaries are both romantically charged occasions for a couple, and gifters often emphasize this sentiment through upscale purchasing. Brand resonance is important here, and well-known luxury brands that specialize in jewellery and accessories (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, Rolex, Bulova) are commonly gifted.

Craftsmanship and quality:

It is important that these gifts also emphasize quality. The gifter wishes to highlight the strength of the love bond, therefore, these gifts should also symbolize endurance and specialness. The brand, materials, or craftsmanship can convey the impression of quality. Precious metals and fine gemstones are well-received.