Uncovering the codes of
banking brand communications

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An American multinational financial services firm.


What are the current brand communication codes? Where does the client and its competitors position themselves relative to these codes? What are the white spaces for the brand’s future positioning?

Insight & Impact

Through unsupervised learning, we extracted, grouped and clustered both text- and image-based posts, including over 1.6K social media posts from 9 brands’ Instagram accounts, 42 Youtube videos from 8 brands accounts, 185 ad visuals, 64 brand slogans, over 1.6K Instagram captions, and text scrapped from 9 brands’ websites.

In our analysis, we 6 different brand communication codes—spanning from tactical to experiential spaces—, as well as the share of brands that are playing within each code. Our insights informed codes that the brand communicates the strongest, and thus were ones recommended to explore further to strengthen their communication strategies.

To understand brand communication themes, we extracted and AI-clustered 1614 data points from brands’ Instagram profiles

Brands signal happiness with
smiles and soft colours

The visuals of happy people, families, and children hugging themselves tug on the heartstring of consumers:
they evoke a sense of nostalgia and affection for loved ones near or far. This particularly resonates with migrants and other working class people who work hard to provide for their whole family.  The soft color palette evokes a warm and comforting feeling which adds to the overall theme of happiness. These visuals are a reminder to consumers of what/who they work hard for (their
loved ones).

Top Colours detected mapped to visuals

Top Significant Emotional Expressions
mapped to visuals

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