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An Indian e-commerce company with a strong presence in beauty.


What are the emerging trends in facial skincare globally? What does this mean for the kinds of products and ingredients that the client should carry on their ecommerce platform?

Insight & Impact

We meta-analyzed dozens of category trend reports and cross-checked the outcome vs. search trends to identify ten skincare trends that are actually impacting consumer behavior in the category today. Among these, we identified four where consumer interest is increasing,

and gave the client concrete recommendations on what and how to sell to make the most of each trend.

There is a clear shift towards nature powered solutions on both ends of the results spectrum

Brands playing in this space

Dr. Sheths

Bad Habit



Brand Manifestations

Grounded and glowy visuals that emulate anti-stress.

Brands use natural, light hues in theirproducts and visuals displayed ontheir social media to depict a sense ofgroundedness and calmness. WhileWestern brands tend to share photosof both products and people thatillustrate glow and dewiness and usesimpler designs on packaging, Indianbrands like Dr. Sheths and NeemliNaturals tend to clearly labelpackaging with ingredients and

Directly targeting"stressed" consumers

Brands here target stress-affectedconsumers by explicitly mentioning"stress" either in their productdescriptions or product namesthemselves. Examples include:"stressed out skin","stress repair", or'"calming" in product descriptions and"Hydro Zen" or "Stress RescueSerum" as product names.

Top colors

Top visuals

Top formats

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