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Sphere leverages the world’s first Culture AI to extract and analyze data from a variety of sources. Our AI is trained to read and analyze data with human empathy, emotion, and cultural context to create meaning and derive useful insights.

What do people think of my brand?
Who are my consumers and where can I find them?
What kind of communication will resonate with my target audience?

Sphere helps you answer these questions and more. Whether you want to get a peek into the mind of your consumers through the digital spaces they inhabit, improve brand communications, or A/B test ads, Sphere can help you target your ideal customers in a meaningful and effective way

Empowering interface

Sphere has an intuitive interface that empowers users to arrive at stronger and faster data-driven decisions within minutes. Machine learning allows users to track shifts and movements over time and geographical regions.

Scale and speed

Sphere users can tap into the internet across business functions, be it for social listening to aid scale and speed or traditional research to extract actionable insights.

Sphere’s Culture AI is proficient in linguistic and visual decoding.
Here are some of the ways that our Culture AI can help you make sense of the world:

Text Analysis

Key-phrase extraction, language detection and translation, spam filtering and sentiment analysis, allowing you to filter out the noise in your data and focus on what counts.

Image Analysis

Identify colours, emotions, objects, country of origin, and apply semiotics to aid interpretation of both conscious and unconscious signs and signifiers.

Video Analysis

Frame-by-frame image analytics, allowing you to measure nuanced emotional responses in viewers across time, from joy to sadness to fear.


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