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Capture timely trends and strategic insights to guide business decisions

Culture lens

Analyze social media images to uncover subtle meanings and potential trends

Review analysis

Discover consumer likes about specific products and what trending features to add


Automatically classify text and/or images into user-specified categories

Run analytics

Upload your own dataset and run Sphere's analytical models to gain deeper insights.


Analyze numerical datasets using a variety of statistical methods

Search classifier

Automatically classify search keywords into themes

Pricing research

Analyze the price sensitivity of consumers and their sentiments on product value


Explore all data sources and analytics offered by Sphere

Create content at scale and rapidly transform ideas into market-ready realities

Marketing copy

Effortlessly generate captivating social media, advertising, and slogan copies

Product innovation

Promptly generate innovative product concepts, strategies, and engaging descriptions

Brand positioning

Instantly generate effective brand positioning for your product

Forecast areas of interest and finetune existing concepts for success

Ad benchmarking

Predict how well your ad will do as compared to industry benchmarks

Brand benchmarking

Predict how well your ad will do as compared to your competitors

Concept evaluation

Evaluate if brand concepts convey intended brand values and meaning.

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