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Use AI to

Ad Success

Generate Unlimited Ideas

Discover Consumer Insights

All your business questions, answered. 
Stay ahead in the market by using AI to decode complex data across various formats, helping you understand and leverage consumer behavior.



Trend discovery & tracking
Identifies emerging consumer behavior patterns 


Discourse discovery
Analyzes online conversations  for  public sentiment


Segment discovery & tracking
Finds and understands existing / new segments


Influencer discovery & tracking
Analyzes and matches influencers profiles to business needs


Brand health tracking
Monitors brand health metrics like sentiment, NPS, brand perception


Category landscape analysis
Compares your brand to others and improve brand equity


Moments of consumption/ demand spaces spotting
Identifies moments / demand spaces for consumer-driven opportunities


Search funnel analysis & forecasting
Understands search behavior for consumer decisions


Product optimization
Identifies strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities based on reviews for product improvement


Customer experience optimization
Identifies touchpoints that can  be improved to enhance CX


Communications optimization
Evaluates brand communications to ensure effectiveness


Brand alignment
Analyzes alignment between your brand and customers / influencers / other brands



Customer profiling
Creates profiles of potential / existing customers, and forecasts behaviors,preferences, needs based on data


Product concept testing
Tests product ideas / descriptions / packagings with your intended audience


Content performance testing
Evaluates audience reception to your message, values, tone in ads, billboards, social media posts etc.


Scores your ideas against top-performers for optimization

Generative AI


Content Generator

Creates captions, descriptions, scripts, images, videos, music, for any purpose


Brand / Product Positioning

Creates tailored and effective positioning strategies based on market and consumer signals


Brand / Product / Concept Innovation

Creates unlimited ideas and configure them based on a continuous feedback mechanism


Conversational AI

Classifies data according to specified topics for deeper analysis, applicable to both text and imagery

Contextualizing data


Analyzes data in its original language for deeper insights 


Colour detection
Identify and analyze the colors present in images for semiotic analysis.


Categories identification
Highlights contextual categories


Subculture and aesthetics detection
Identifies current aesthetics within the imagery.


Logo detection
Identify and categorize logos appearing in images.


Key words / phrases / emoji detection
Extract and highlight keywords, phrases, hashtags, emojis from text.

Translating information with context


Sentiment analysis
Captures overall sentiment without keyword dependency 


Cultural analysis
Custom AI models that identify cultural codes, experiences, moods, values across markets


Emotions analysis
Measures the “amount” of different emotions in text and imagery


Statistical analysis
Looks at data over time, quantifies data across platforms (for example, search into social engagement, social awareness into search intent), uncovers correlations and patterns.


Personas analysis
Interprets data through the lens of different age groups and segments

Piecing information for insights


Semantics clustering
Captures overall sentiment without keyword dependency 


Advanced textual and visual AI clustering algorithms that group data according to given labels

Powerful Tools,
Endless Opportunities

Unlock a world of innovative applications with Sphere. Explore our suite of tools designed to enhance your business insights and decision-making processes.

Ad Eval

Concept Eval

Social Meaning

App of the month:

Social Meaning is a breakthrough technology that creates instant reports from simply asking a question. Ask it anything, and it will automatically download data across search, social media, open web. The app analyzes data with advance textual and visual clustering AI algorithms, and generates quick reports with ready to action insights. Experience the future of research.

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Text Analytics

- Fluent in over 250+ languages
- Captures meaning within the entire context of conversation
- Understands different nuances, typos and slang

Video Analytics

- Over 22 billion internet images tagged with semantic meaning
- Detects objects, emotions, colors, cultural values
- Translates imagery into measurable content

Image Analytics

- Layer of image analytics applied
- Understands frame in context of whole video
- Additional insights with generative AI

Audio Analytics

- Breakthrough audio analytics
- Integrates with our text, image, video capabilities

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Explore by Use Case

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In the world of aviation, one name stands out from the rest: Singapore Airlines, for the luxury, comfort, and hospitality they provide.

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In the first installment of “Under the Hood,” we talked about the development of the industry database, comprising more than 13,000 high-performing industry ads from 17 diverse industries.

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In the rapidly evolving world of advertising, it is vital to measure the success of your advertisements against your intent, your brand, and various industry standards.

From Short-Term Quick Fixes to Sustainable Solutions: How Dieting Has Transformed Over Time

Healthy diets have been around for as long as we can remember, but the way we diet has undergone a profound change in recent years.

Analog Adventures vs. Digital Detours: How Different Generations Escape the Daily Grind

To explore how individuals across different age groups express their need for escape, we tap into the crowd-sourcing power of Sphere’s Culture Lens app.

Under the Hood of Culture Lens: Embeddings

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, understanding and staying ahead of emerging trends and consumer behaviors is crucial for businesses. At Quilt.AI, we’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to do just that.

Under the Hood of Culture Lens: Subcultures and Aesthetics

In the first installment of “Under the Hood,” we explored how Culture Lens uses embeddings to pinpoint the top 100 images that most accurately represent user-searched experiences.

Marketing Copy In Minutes: Here’s How You Can Sell Anything To Anyone

Creating marketing copy. It’s something that sounds easy, but isn’t — especially if you’re looking to really make an impact.

Marketing to the Gen Z audience: Image Rebranding with Generative AI

We used Sphere’s Marketing Copy app to create a range of effective and personalized copy for Gen Z consumers.

Under the Hood of Marketing Copy: System Prompts

Harnessing AI to generate cutting-edge marketing copy with Sphere's Marketing Copy.

Under the Hood of Marketing Copy: Mitigating AI Bias

Sphere's guide to culturally inclusive, bias-minimized marketing.


We’ve researched in over 250+ languages, and with wider cultural context, have been able to understand different nuances, typos and slang.

Why Quilt.AI

Human-Centered and Sensitive Models

Our AI isn’t just smart — it’s empathetic. By understanding demographic and geographic nuances, we provide insights that truly resonate with diverse audiences. Connect more authentically with your market and make every interaction count.

Scalable and Diverse Solutions

Need flexibility? We’ve got you covered. Whether it's rapid deployment or tailored strategies, our tech adapts to your needs. By harnessing a plethora of data sources and AI models, we deliver solutions that speed up processes and boost productivity.

Actionable Insights and Strategic Support:

Think of us as your strategic partner. From initial brainstorming to ongoing optimization, our expert team offers deep analysis and practical advice. Use our insights to make informed decisions and reach your business goals with confidence.