Our discourse analysis begins with you: albeit your brand, your category, your target consumer, or your company values. Quilt curates a list of relevant keywords foundational to your central research question, which we then use to extract millions of unique data points across social media platforms, forums, or blogs.

Quilt.AI believes that creativity flourishes where artificial intelligence and human understanding meet. That’s why we use our consumer-centric insights to inform our entirely AI generated concept generator, Quilt & Create.  Using qualitative and quantitative project findings in tandem, we’re able to capture the sanctity of the user experience while harnessing the limitless potential of machine learning.

While conventional concept testing can take weeks, our revolutionary predictive technology can increase your probability of campaign success in only a matter of hours. Our Ad Evaluation tool–based on digital engagement ratios & brand relatability of  nearly 1 Million Ads across platforms (Google, Meta, TikTok, Twitter) and industries–is trained to predict purchase intent, content relatability, social performance, and social growth at just the touch of a button.

Our Case Studies