Collecting data online is less biased, less expensive and takes less time than conventional research initiatives.

We combine this with anthropological analysis to
deeply understand communities and measure impact.


Causes we care about

We care deeply about addressing the injustices across the world and strive to contribute towards an equitable society.
Here is a snapshot of the domains we work within. 


Women and girls across the globe are disproportionately affected by global events and the systemic inequity. We believe in empowering women, girls, and those across the gender spectrum by bridging the information divide. 


We believe that time to take action against Climate Crisis is NOW! We are committed to solving the climate crisis through advocacy, countering misinformation, and enabling climate action and activism within the digital space.


We are committed to SDG 3, which focuses on ensuring health and well-being for all. We endeavor to plug the information gap within public health through our advocacy efforts and comprehensive digital campaigns.

How do we create an impact?

Research Reports

Quilt.AI aims to understand the digital footprint of the communities that our partners work with. We identify the current/dominant and emerging discourse and narratives around specific topics and within this, we analyse online search behavior, conversations on social media platforms, news, blogs, and forums. The digital ecosystem analysis has two key components:

Social Media Analysis: Discourse on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok etc.

Search Analysis: What people are searching for related to specific topics on search platforms such as Google.


We create real time dashboards containing dynamic data for our clients. The dashboard ingests millions of search and social media data points. It visualizes data in the form of graphs, charts, and word clouds. We have previously created dashboards on climate change discourse in India, and mental health among adolescents in Ukraine. Our dashboards are useful mapping overall discourse as well as specific discourse around certain topics.

Behavior Change Campaigns

Using insights from the digital ecosystem analysis and audience segmentation, we develop effective online behavior change campaigns using the following nudge strategies:

Redirection of search traffic
Real estate take-over of social media timelines 
Advertising with targeted messaging
Service Provider Analysis

We analyze the digital footprint and engagement statistics of service-providing organizations and individuals to help them understand their audience’s needs and demands through service-provider analysis. We curate actionable recommendations and engaging communication strategies for service providers tailored to their audience for effective digital outreach.

Influencer Analysis

We conduct an in-depth overview of online social media discourse, emerging online campaigns, and groups and influencers who support causes related to specific topics. 
Through an online discourse analysis we: 

Identify prominent influencers and opposers including state governments, individual policymakers, civil society actors, university, and think tank discourse.
Analyze influential people and campaigns’ messaging (e.g. sentiments, tonality), level of engagement, and other interests.
Identifying influential people and campaigns’ interests can act as a hook to engage them in advocacy initiatives.

We organize capacity building workshops for organizations and other relevant stakeholders. These workshops aim to cover the following:

Equipping partners and stakeholders with knowledge on how to use publicly available data on the Internet in advocacy efforts and inform on-ground interventions.
Using digital insights to identify audience segments based on their behavior and attitudes.
How to develop nudge messaging that can target each audience segment.
Demonstration of our AI tools as well as understanding our methodology, reports, and dashboards


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