The Internet is the single largest repository of human data.

By interpreting the Internet through a cultural lens, we aim to index humanity the way search engines index information.

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How it began

An anthropologist and a serial entrepreneur met, and the idea of converging the humanities and the Internet was born.

Using cultural intelligence models we study peoples’ behaviors, patterns, and narratives with authenticity, robustness, and truthfulness.

What we do

We have developed a fast and scalable technology platform that helps us convert big data signals into human insights and uncover cultural meaning.

We have powered organizations working across diverse sectors and give equal importance to both cause and commercial projects.

Looking forward

By helping organizations understand people better, we hope to increase empathy in the world and empower them to make better decisions.

Our culture


We are the Quilt.AI team. And yes, we are human. 
Aspiring to ensure empathy at scale, we believe in championing our people.
Authentic connection, inclusivity, and kindness are at the heart of our global community.


Our interactions are underpinned by our passion for discovering and understanding human experiences.
With a range of different backgrounds, expertise and culture, our people bring diverse perspectives to the table.
Our curiosity pushes us to ask unconventional questions.


Trust, collaboration and transparency are the bedrock of our creative process.
We combine AI technology with human intuition to arrive at data-driven creativity.

Causes we care about

We care deeply about addressing the injustices across the world and strive to contribute towards an equitable society.
Here is a snapshot of the domains we work within. 


Women and girls across the globe are disproportionately affected by global events and the systemic inequity. We believe in empowering women, girls, and those across the gender spectrum by bridging the information divide. 


We believe that time to take action against Climate Crisis is NOW! We are committed to solving the climate crisis through advocacy, countering misinformation, and enabling climate action and activism within the digital space.


We are committed to SDG 3, which focuses on ensuring health and well-being for all. We endeavor to plug the information gap within public health through our advocacy efforts and comprehensive digital campaigns.