Exploring trends in
B2B technologies


One of Asia’s leading telecom providers, who are looking to transcend telco to become one of Asia’s leading technology companies.


What are the key global trends in technology adoption among businesses of different sizes and digital maturity, especially in developing markets?  

Insight & Impact

We used our AI tools to summarize thousands of reports on the topic of technology trends in B2B. Based on this analysis, we identified, sized and profiled six key trends, and provided the client with directions on which industries to apply each trend to and what approach to take. These recommendations were nuanced by company size, and level of maturity, and resulted in the underpinnings of the client’s strategy for growth in B2B technology.

Powered by a rich deep dive into tech trends that expounded on their definitions and subsumed sub-trends, and illustrated impact and watchouts with the aid of positive and negative case studies, we helped the client zone in on the technologies that the company should prioritize in offering its B2B customers.

The 6 tech spaces intersect,
enriching, and enhancing each other

Some illustrations:

Automation is enriched by AI – for example, simple chat bots transform into intelligent knowledge bots. While cloud computing has upped the ante for analytics, AI enables advanced analytics. Both cloud tech and blockchain serve to improve data storage and security. IOT and cloud tech intersect to create smart infrastructure.

Global trends in B2B tech & digitization