Leveraging AI to generate concepts
in line with Gen Z consumer trends

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How can we leverage AI to generate and new brand concepts in line with Gen Z trends around limitless for 11 brands?

Insight & Impact

We used our AI models to create one creative concept for each brand with the aim of exploring examples of how brands in these industries could play to the future Gen Z consumer. Some brand examples used in this exercise include Amazon, Airbnb, Capital One, LinkedIn, and General Mills.

The concepts were created in a way that integrated our previous work on Gen Z trends around the concept of ‘limitless” and brand values.

Amazon RetroTron:
“Back in Time, Anytime”


Amazon is launching a Gen Z offering that takes users back in time to explore and experience iconic moments or events of the Y2K era


This product will be an interactive Amazon Alexa skill, featuring content tailored based on user preferences and interests


Through this trend, Amazon can provide customers with an immersive new product offering, as well as capitalize off the growing interest in retro-style products among Gen Zers

Airbnb Hustle Haven:
“Focus. Create. Succeed.”


Airbnb is launching a Gen Z offering that celebrates the power of monetization


Highlighting inspiring stories of people
who have used Airbnb properties to achieve success


Could feature content creators, Roblox developers, and other individuals who have leveraged their side hustles while staying in an Airbnb property


Visuals should be evocative and captivating, portraying the potential of living life to its fullest while utilizing Airbnb's flexible and affordable options