Identifying creative mood boosting
opportunities in the F&B category

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German brand soft drink company with a global presence.


How can we leverage AI to identify territory opportunities and creative concepts around mood boosting not yet being used by competing soft drink companies?

Insight & Impact

We used our proprietary AI tools to study 37 million unique searches and 500 social media posts across Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter to identify and bring to life moments of mood-boosting across 6 priority markets. We found users using dopamine boosting, community, indulgence, organization, and comedy to improve mood in their daily lives.For each territory, we identified key tensions, related categories, demographics, rituals & occasions, brand examples, to inform AI-generated concept creation.

The output? Totally unique concepts (with suggested moodboard visualizations) for each mood-boosting territory, ranging from products to ad ideas to slogans. The research was used to help position the client’s product in a unique way within the category while ensuring market or demographic-specific resonance.

Mapping territory boundaries

Fortune favours the bold

Size: 6%

When a study in August of 2022 announced that color was disappearing from the world, users mourned the impact standardization and minimalism had on their individuality (& moods).

While to some, there is safety in what’s comfortable & conformable, users here are resisting ideals of what’s desirable (i.e. what they should be wearing, consuming, or liking).

#Dopaminedressing, #cluttercore, or #weirdgirlcore allow for users to disrupt numbing ‘normie’ aesthetics & bring some color back into the world, all while improving mood.


Bring a splash of  color to life with Fanta.

What could that look like for your brand?

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