Son Preference

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A global sexual and reproductive health foundation.


What is the true state of “son preference” in China, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Bangladesh today? Where and how should the foundation intervene to reduce the bias against having daughters?

Insight & Impact

We analyzed tens of thousands of social media posts to identify the key reasons that people continue to prefer sons, giving the client a focus for their communications efforts. 

We also identified what people search for – and where they tend to land – in their effort to have sons, to give the client direction on where best to place their communications in order to move the needle against son preference.

Reasons for prefering sons:


“If you have only daughters in the house, people will talk about it saying “these people don’t have a son, who will carry on the family name?”. Relatives and neighbors talk about it in a very negative way. They will not allow the parents to live in peace.”

Tweet from Nepal

“Actually daughters are fine as well, but a sense of security a safety can only be provided by a son, no?”

Tweet from China

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