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What is the nature of online conversations around NFTs? Who are the key and adjacent segments of these discussions? What (aesthetics) and who (brands) are currently winning in this space?

Insight & Impact

Using our AI tools, we analyzed conversations around NFTs on Twitter across twelve markets, identifying 10 key conversation topics and 6 user segments discussing these topics. In these conversations, we found that the dominant narratives around NFTs online were around showing off NFTs as the way to flex status, as well as a way to show creative expression.

We also studied NFT aesthetics using our culture-specific image analytical tools, and observed that those that had Warriors & Villains or Bright & Anime-Styled aesthetics were ones that were most engaged with, and thus won in the online NFT space.

As a result, we found ways to give the client and their brand partners a way into reaching and influencing these users.

Online conversations around NFTs are predominantly positive:

Percent distance from the mean number of retweets

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