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Health Conversations online in India

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What are the dominant conversations around health (mental health, nutrition, and child vaccination) on the state level (Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan) in India? What are the supply and demand gaps that can translate into actionable campaigns for the client?

Insight & Impact

We leveraged our proprietary AI tools to analyze 6 million searches, 70 million Facebook users, and thousands of content creators specializing in mental, nutritional, and vaccination health across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar. We used both search and social insights to determine regional differences in each state, ranging from language preferences to seasonal interest to top health domains visited.

Existing regional demand (search, discourse) and supply (resources, centers, content creators & reach) informed messaging opportunities by psychiatric group and state, taking into account existing gaps. Our research informed the successful running & measurement of campaigns across states and health topics in India.

Mental Health interest at large, according to search data

Out of all the topics analyzed for this report, Mental Health queries make up well over 3/4s of all health-related searches across all four states. 50% of Mental Health searches are in Hindi while 48% are in English. 3% of searches are in Telugu–the highest percentage out of all three health topics in this study.

While different factors may contribute to the disproportionate amount of Mental Health queries (i.e. greater topic stigma, or the country’s mental health crisis compounded by COVID), users are privately showcasing far-reaching demand for greater emotional wellbeing.

Size: 85%
ROC: +5%

Total queries by state

Mental health queries by language

Messaging opportunities by state

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