Climate change:
A Gen Z perspective

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An international non-profit in the field of climate, energy and nature.


How are Gen Zs in India and Brazil engaging in climate action? How does their interest in climate change stack up against other interest categories?

Insight & Impact

Analyzing thousands of social media posts from young climate activists and digital creators, we found five prominent narratives in India and four in Brazil, that illuminate different facets of Gen Z’s interest and engagement in climate action.

The study also revealed that social media is their biggest arsenal in driving conversations and actions around climate change and adopting more sustainable lifestyles to minimize their impact on the planet.

By analysing over 2.2Mn searches and measuring relative growth, we were also able to identify the nuanced difference between Gen Z in India and Brazil. While the Indian Gen Z are climate anxious and want to influence change for a better future, Gen Zs in Brazil are climate warriors who believe that there is no climate justice without social justice. From our research, we also understood that Gen Z’s interest in climate change, although significant, stacks much lower when compared to other categories that they are also interested are in.

Climate anxious generation, wanting to influence change for a better future

Key narratives that are resonating the most with Gen Z in India today are ‘Climate anxiety and fear for the future’ (Established) and ‘Advocating a participatory approach for a better future’ (Trending).

This indicates that climate change is a cause of worry among the Gen Z. Hinging on hope for a better future, they want to influence change by getting everyone to participate in positive actions and solutions towards climate change together.

Warriors, leading the charge for climate and social justice

Narratives that resonate the most with Gen Z in Brazil are ‘We are the action’ (Trending) and ‘Indigenous fight for survival’ (Trending) and ‘Preaching sustainability’ (Established).

These trending and established narratives indicate that the youth in Brazil are climate warriors, who are ready to lead the charge in fighting climate and social injustices.

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