Chopping up
the meat market

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An international, collaborative network of communications professionals in the field of climate, energy and nature


Focusing on Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, France and Spain. Who are the distinct groups of people when it comes to the consumption of meat? How can each of these segments be convinced to reduce their meat consumption?

Insight & Impact

We identified and profiled six segments based on social media profiles, which covered the full range of attitudes to meat reduction from strong rejectors to pro-active advocates. We identified the key communications levers that can be used to nudge each segment closer to reducing their overall meat consumption.

We also identified each segment’s broader interests, to give the client a starting point for media strategies and partnerships.

Orthodox Fanatics

Protective of traditions; Afraid of shame; Influenced by social norms.


Natural Order Keepers

Protective of traditions; Afraid of shame; Influenced by social norms.


Armchair Activists

Agrees with ideas of reducing meat intake when convenient.


Early Eco-Switchers

Motivated by environmental challenges: making diet transitions.


Animal Sympatizers

Believe in preservation of animal rights  and welfare


Holistic Seekers

Progressively incorporating lifestyle beliefs of wellness.

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