Understanding Beauty / Makeup

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An American multinational cosmetics company with a diverse portfolio of 25+ beauty brands.


What are they key makeup communities that people form online? How can we tap into these communities and activate engagement with our brands?

Insight & Impact

We identified 10 online makeup communities in the United States and studied these communities through analyzing 10,000 public TikTok and Instagram posts and 6 billion searches, overall capturing an audience of over 98 million makeup users online. Using our AI tools, we brought to life the communication styles, passion points outside of beauty, and key makeup looks sought out by each community - sharing key strategies on effectively engaging with these communities.

We also extracted top makeup brands and subcategories favored by each community through a comprehensive lookup that captures brand mentions in image and textual content, allowing the client to see how their portfolio of brands stack up in each community. Pairing these insights with the relative size and growth rates of each community, we shared crucial insights on which brands should go after which communities, as well as 5000 hashtags and 2000 search queries relevant to each community, for direct activation. The work is being used by the client to activate these communities.

Skin & Health: Brand skews

Skin & Health Focused: Influencer Content Ecosystem