Decoding the
crypto audience

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One of the world’s fastest-growing crypto companies


Who are driving the conversations around crypto on Twitter? How do they impact the price of NFTs and cryptocurrencies? How should the client engage each of these segments to drive growth?

Insight & Impact

Using our AI tools to analyze bios and posts on Twitter, we identified six distinct types of crypto conversation leaders across 11 markets. For each of these segments, we deep-dived into motivations for involvement in crypto, and their views specifically about the client’s brand partners. We also identified the key influencers and passion points for each segment, to give the client a way into reaching and influencing them.

Based on our research, we identified the best segments to target and how to target them in each market. For instance: we found that while in Japan, segments would resonate well with eSports brand partner sponsorship messaging, in the US, using celebrity endorsements and witty humor in comms would work better with one of the major segments.

NFT Lovers conversations

When it comes to mentions of brand X:

Crypto enthusiasts, meme coin lovers, investors, and devotees — or those who fully believe crypto is the future — are the biggest praisers, mentioning Brand x when hyping up $CRO or showing off their NFTs.

Subsets of investors
(e.g. “crypto investors, traders, & entrepreneurs) and enthusiasts (e.g.  military veterans, advanced degree holders) speak most negatively, with functionality complaints and scam skepticism being most common topics.

NFT artists, creators, and podcasters remain most neutral, mentioning brand x mostly to promote their own NFT art or collections or announcing where sports/entertainment events are taking place.

Percent distance from the mean number of retweets

Markets where Brand X has the potential: