Coffee Tribes
in Japan

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A global beverage company.


Who are the key segments in the RTD coffee world in Japan? How can we activate them?

Insight & Impact

To help the client better understand coffee consumer profiles, we used multiple data sources and robust sampling techniques. We extracted over 6,208 tweets from over a thousand Twitter profiles in Japan who have mentioned or indicated an affinity towards coffee (or Japanese ready-to-drink coffee brands).

Our proprietary AI tool then clustered 6,208 consumer posts, which were used to better understand each tribe, measure relative size and growth, and uncover consumer demographics. This research was used by the client to inform their strategy and approach for shifting their target consumer groups and positioning in Japan.

Tasting the new & exciting— one sip at a time

“Godiva Frappe of Mac. The best of riding macaroons.#This is the next trend #mcdonalds #mccafe”

“Tully’s Coffee in Japan. I was not expecting this #harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #tullyscoffee #japan”

Similar to Aesthetic Appreciators, Excited Explorers enjoy the experience of drinking coffee. What sets them apart is that they do not care about the actual quality of the coffee or how glamorous the coffee shop is; rather, they enjoy the experience of trying something new (preferably, foreign). When it comes to RTD coffee, they perceive it as a way to recharge during their adventures, and are open to exploring any new products on the shelf.

Role of coffee (in general): Coffee is a portal to exploring and connecting with other cultures. The actual quality of coffee is of no concern to them.

Explorers are seeking out McDonald’s new menu items