28 september 2023
Thriving in the Era of Sustainable Fashion: Product Concept Using Generative AI
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Now that the era of global boiling (no longer global warming) is upon us, companies are experiencing a massive change in consumer behavior
Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Now that the era of global boiling (no longer global warming) is upon us, companies are experiencing a massive change in consumer behavior—consumers are beginning to be more eco-conscious, preferring to be intentional with their purchases.

If you’re anything like us concerned fashion nerds, this isn’t anything new. Conversations revolving around the environmental aftermath of fashion have been floating around the big wide web—anywhere from fast fashion and the upsetting desert pileups to the damaging plastic pollution from plastic fibers and packaging.

Consumers who have the means are using this information to make a change: by purchasing only sustainable products and/or supporting fashion brands with environmental practices. Despite the tremendous traction this movement has been gaining, many fashion companies have yet to push that gas pedal in their environmental efforts.

But we get it. Drafting and executing a sustainable business strategy is an incredibly daunting task. From marketing campaigns, procurement of resources to even just coming up with a sustainable product—figuring out where to start can be an issue in and of itself.

This is where Sphere’s Product Innovation app can come through in the clutch. We used the app’s Initial Concept as well as Product Development features to generate viable product ideas for Carhatt in this case study.
Sphere’s Product Innovation
A brand loved by many, Carhartt is best known for its durable workwear. The aesthetic of functional clothes has appealed to the fashionable since the jeans counterculture phenomenon in the 50s, which explains the brand’s sustained longevity despite its inception in 1889. This, coupled with their streetwear collaborations, Carhartt has been enjoying a massive boom.

Carhartt is a popular brand among blue-collared and streetwear consumers, but what about the eco-conscious demographic? To kickstart the process, here’s what our generative AI came up with.
EcoGrit Workwear
Tough as Always, Gentle on Earth
Introducing Carhartt EcoGrit. Rugged workwear designed for the toughest jobs, now engineered with sustainability at its core.
Why EcoGrit?
EcoGrit by Carhartt is the perfect choice for those who rely on durable work clothing and also care deeply about the environment. It's not just workwear; it's a commitment to sustainability without compromising the toughness and reliability you've come to expect from Carhartt.

With EcoGrit, we're leading the way in sustainable workwear, demonstrating that even the toughest jobs can be accomplished with products that are gentle on the Earth. Tough as Always, Gentle on Earth - that's EcoGrit by Carhartt.
Consumer needs
Workers require gear that can withstand the toughest conditions, whether it's on a construction site or in the great outdoors.
Comfort is key for long workdays. Workers need clothing that doesn't compromise on ease of movement or breathability.
Increasingly, consumers demand eco-friendly products that reduce their environmental impact, including in the workplace.
How EcoGrit Addresses These Needs
Carhartt EcoGrit maintains the legendary toughness Carhartt is known for. These workwear pieces are designed to last, using high-quality materials and reinforced stitching. Whether it's heavy machinery operation or outdoor labor, EcoGrit can handle it.
EcoGrit doesn't sacrifice comfort for durability. Advanced design techniques ensure that these workwear pieces offer the same flexibility and breathability workers expect from Carhartt.
Carhartt EcoGrit takes sustainability seriously. The line incorporates several eco-friendly features:
Sustainable Materials
EcoGrit garments are made from a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and sustainable hemp. These materials reduce our carbon footprint and decrease reliance on non-renewable resources.
Durable Design
We've retained our signature durability. EcoGrit workwear is designed to last, ensuring fewer replacements and less waste over time.
Water-Repellent Eco-Tech
We've developed an eco-friendly water-repellent technology that keeps you dry without harmful chemicals. It's safer for you and the planet.
Recycled Hardware
All zippers, buttons, and snaps are crafted from recycled materials, reducing the need for new metal production and waste.
Fair Labor Practices
Our commitment to ethical manufacturing remains strong. EcoGrit garments are produced in facilities that uphold fair labor standards and safe working conditions.
Repair and Recycling Program
Carhartt's EcoGrit line comes with a Repair and Recycling Program. When your workwear reaches the end of its life, send it back to us for recycling or refurbishing, reducing landfill waste.
Carbon Offset
We are actively working to reduce our carbon emissions. A portion of the proceeds from EcoGrit sales goes towards carbon offset initiatives like reforestation and renewable energy projects.
GreenGuard™ Urban Jacket
Urban Style Meets Eco-Conscious Living
Stay ahead of the style curve while treading lightly on the planet with the Carhartt GreenGuard Urban Jacket. It's fashion with a purpose!
Why GreenGuard?
The GreenGuard Urban Jacket is for the urbanite who demands more from their fashion. It's for the environmentally conscious individual who refuses to compromise on style. By choosing GreenGuard, you make a statement that you can have both: a fashionable urban look and a commitment to sustainable living.

Urban Style Meets Eco-Conscious Living - that's the essence of the GreenGuard Urban Jacket by Carhartt.
Consumer need
Fashion and Values
In today's world, urban dwellers want to make sustainable choices without compromising on style and comfort. They seek fashion that aligns with their values, addresses environmental concerns, and can withstand the demands of city life.
How the GreenGuard Urban Jacket Addresses the Issue
Fashion and Values
The GreenGuard Urban Jacket is designed to cater to the modern urbanite's need for stylish yet sustainable outerwear. It utilizes innovative eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental impact, without sacrificing the quality and fashion-forward design that Carhartt is known for.
Sustainable Materials
Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, the GreenGuard™ jacket reduces the need for resource-intensive production and supports eco-friendly farming practices.
Eco-Friendly Insulation
The jacket features cutting-edge, eco-conscious insulation material that provides warmth without harming the environment.
PFC-Free Water Repellency
Say goodbye to harmful chemicals. The GreenGuard jacket uses a PFC-free water-repellent technology that's safe for you and the planet.
Versatile Urban Design
A sleek, contemporary design ensures you look fashionable whether you're strolling downtown or heading to a business meeting.
Carhartt's reputation for toughness is maintained. The GreenGuard jacket is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
When it finally reaches the end of its lifecycle, send it back to Carhartt for recycling, promoting a circular fashion economy.
Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture
EcoChic: Where Style Meets Sustainability on the Runway
Elevate your runway fashion game with Carhartt's Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture - making a statement of glamour while championing the cause of sustainability.
Why Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture?
This collection is for the fashion-forward individual who understands that fashion can be both a statement of personal style and a vehicle for positive change. By choosing Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture, you not only stand out in a crowd but also champion the cause of sustainability, showing that fashion can be glamorous and eco-conscious.

EcoChic: Where Style Meets Sustainability on the Runway - that's the essence of Carhartt's Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture.
Consumer needs
Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture
Fashion-conscious individuals attending runway events are constantly seeking unique, eye-catching attire that showcases their personal style. However, they are increasingly aware of fashion's environmental impact and want to align their choices with sustainability.
How Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture Addresses the Issue:
Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture addresses this consumer need by offering a range of high-fashion, couture clothing and accessories crafted from reclaimed materials. This concept transforms waste into wearable art and highlights how sustainable fashion can be glamorous.
Reclaimed Materials
Each piece in this collection is crafted from reclaimed textiles and materials sourced from various industries, giving new life to discarded fabrics and reducing waste.
Artisanal Craftsmanship
Carhartt collaborates with skilled artisans who transform these reclaimed materials into stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that are works of art in themselves.
Custom Tailoring
Each garment is custom-tailored to the wearer's measurements, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances their individual style.
Limited Edition
Runway Ready Reclaimed Couture is available in limited quantities, making it an exclusive and sought-after choice for runway events and fashion-forward individuals.
Statement Pieces
The collection features bold, avant-garde designs that are sure to turn heads on the runway and at upscale events.
Sustainability Story
Every piece comes with a tag detailing the materials' origins, emphasizing the sustainability narrative and promoting conscious consumerism.
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