02 October 2023
The Power of Brand Narrative: Using AI to Craft Stories that Resonate
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Sphere's Brand Positioning app harnesses generative AI to give you effective strategies to refine your brand identity and elevate your brand's impact with ease.
Creating a brand narrative that’s authentic, engaging and compelling enough for consumers to connect with. Isn’t that the dream? It’s crucial to understand how your brand is perceived in the eyes of your audience, and to know if it’s aligned with the way it sees itself. 
Lessons from Miu Miu’s successful brand positioning
These days, consumers are discerning, values-driven, and connected through digital platforms. Just look at Miu Miu’s score of 95/100 on the Business of Fashion’s (BoF) Brand Magic Index, which is a quantifiable and trackable metric that evaluates a brand’s marketing efforts by measuring the alignment between brands and their customers. 

Injecting fresh creativity into the brand and highlighting their unique visual identity has translated into strong social media presence, indicating that Miu Miu’s content and engagement resonate with the audience and align with their expectations. And true enough, sales were up 50 percent year over year in the second half of 2023. 

It’s always easier said than done, though. Succeeding in the realm of ever-changing market dynamics calls for deep comprehension of how brands can authentically distinguish themselves and maintain relatability at the same time. Sphere’s generative AI app, Brand Positioning, can simplify that process for your brand by generating a constant stream of custom strategic ideas tailored specifically to your brand.
Becoming a powerhouse brand name
To visualize how the app works for a newer up-and-coming brand, we’ve focused on the French House of Polène to see how generative AI can help create a strong narrative for the brand. Polène has achieved remarkable success in the fashion industry. With a reputation for creating unique and minimalist leather goods, the brand has become a symbol of authenticity, quality and creativity. 

Here’s what we came up with.
brand vision
Polène imagines a vision that remains true to their core values of minimalism and creativity while expanding their global reach. Over the next few years, the brand will maintain its reputation for authenticity and quality, captivating the hearts of consumers worldwide through refined and timeless designs.
Ideal Future Customer and Trends
Polène's ideal customer profile spans different age groups, from millennials to Gen X, who appreciate minimalistic yet creative designs. Emerging trends point to a growing demand for sustainable and ethically sourced materials.
Product Opportunities
The brand can explore sustainable leather accessories to meet the rising demand for environmentally conscious products, or collaborate with renowned designers or artists to create limited edition collections. They can also consider offering customizable options for leather goods to allow customers to further express their individuality while remaining trendy.
Brands to Draw Inspiration From

Loewe combines craftsmanship and innovation, blending classic and contemporary elements in its luxury leather goods and ready-to-wear collections. It would be a classic example of how to expand beyond leather bags. Another brand Polène can look to is SENREVE, a brand known for luxury handbags that are both functional and versatile; made by women, for women.

The app’s insights offer a distinctive advantage in contrast to traditional approaches — it possesses the capability to examine the industry data that it was trained on, and to generate custom opportunities and narratives designed exclusively for your brand. This data-centric methodology ensures a level of accuracy and relevance that surpasses human analysis, which is particularly crucial in the fast-paced business world where efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Overall, Brand Positioning plays a pivotal role in fostering brand loyalty by aligning its original vision and core values with customer values and aspirations, ultimately turning customers into advocates who share their positive experiences with one another.
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