Using predictive AI to
evaluate SuperBowl ads

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A leading global beverage company


How can we leverage AI to evaluate SuperBowl ads to predict future campaign success?

Insight & Impact

Using our proprietary ‘Ad semiotics technology’, we conducted a frame-by-frame analysis on 25 ads from the 2023 NFL SuperBowl. We deep-dived into each ad, using AI to detect archetypal cues, assign ad testing value sores, as well as measure ad, brand, and social performance. We also analyzed each ad’s online impact, extracting brand-related social media posts (Twitter) created after each ad was released, to measure consumer sentiment and understand the buzz around each brand post-SuperBowl.

Further we measured the growth in post volume and Google search interest as another metric to estimate the impact of each ad.

Our findings gave insight into why some SuperBowl ads performed better than others— ads which scored higher in relatability oftentimes received higher engagement and greater growth in consumer buzz.