Leveraging AI to generate concepts
in line with Gen Z consumer trends

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A leading global beverage company


How can we leverage AI for almost instantaneous results for testing 11 new product concepts against 4 key metrics and, thus, identify winning concepts?

Insight & Impact

Using our ‘Ad semiotics’ technology, we tested 11 new product concepts on four key metrics - ‘needs fit’, ‘believability’, ‘uniqueness’ and ‘brand fit’. This proprietary AI based technology mapped the alignment of each concept against the set metrics with a score. Through this we were able to identify which concepts aligned with various consumers needs (needs fit) the most, identify the ones that met the fine balance across the other three metrics (Believability, Uniqueness, Brand fit) as well as pinpoint concepts that needed improvement on specific metrics.

The final outcome? Identifying the top two winning concepts in matter of a couple of hours.