November 2, 2022
Speed up the product development process with intelligent automation

The product development process is the story of how an idea comes into being, from the initial brainstorming all the way through to launch. It is the journey behind the production of new products, the improvement of existing products, or a revival of old products back to new markets.

Every journey to launch is unique but the main process can be organized into 6 main stages:

While each stage takes substantial time and research, an intuitive machine learning model will help to speed things up considerably.

An AI idea generator like Quilt & Create gets hours of work done in seconds with an automated flow of product ideas, concepts, features, and value propositions.

Let’s explore how to carry out each initial stage, with bonus tips on how Quilt & Create can help:

1. Idea generation

When it comes to brainstorming, quantity beats quality and no idea is a bad idea. Here are some tried-and-tested methods to fuel creative madness.

Think it over with SCAMPER

SCAMPER is a manual brainstorming technique that expands on ideas by making you approach them from all angles. Each letter stands for a thinking prompt, as shown by these nifty example ideas from Shopify:

- Substitute: Swap one aspect for another (e.g. swap out the fur in faux fur)

- Combine: Combine two aspects (e.g. a phone case and a battery pack)

- Adapt: Adapt an idea for a different context (e.g. a bra with front clasps for nursing)

- Modify: Modify an aspect to create more value (e.g. an electric toothbrush with a sleeker design)

- Put to another use: Think of another way this idea could be used (e.g. memory foam dog beds)

- Eliminate: Remove something to simplify things (e.g. the middleman to sell sunglasses and pass the savings on to consumers)

- Rearrange: Reorganize things for better efficiency (e.g. a duffle bag so that it doesn’t wrinkle your suits)

Ideate in seconds with Quilt & Create

Similarly, selecting Product Ideation on Quilt & Create will expand on any description you put in and write an endless stream of instant ideas.

Expand on your potential product ideas with AI-generated suggestions on features, functions, benefits, and selling points.

2. Idea screening

This second step involves going through your generated ideas and narrowing them down to the ones with the highest chance of success.

Decide it down with practical questions

These factors can help to determine what works and what doesn’t:

- What do your consumers need and value?

- What is the technical feasibility of the idea?

- How much research and development will the idea require?

- How profitable is the idea?

- What resources do you need and are they available in the company?

Speed up screening with Quilt & Create

Saving your favorite ideas generated by the AI helps it to understand the style and content you need in just one click.

Select “Create more” to have it come up with more targeted ideas based on what you liked. Rinse and repeat infinitely.

All your saved ideas will be stored and ready for editing, downloading or publishing straight to social media.

3. Concept development

Ideas that pass screening will now be developed into concepts. A product concept is a general description that explains the product purpose, features and value that it brings to consumers.

A typical product concept statement includes:

- The target users

- How the target users will use the product

- Strategy for the overall user experience

- Pain points that the product solves

- Unique selling points

- Business goals that the product meets

Get a step ahead with Quilt & Create

To speed up your research on potential user journeys and USPs, select Product Concepts on Quilt & Create for countless possibilities of product features.

See endless possibilities of unique insights on your product, from unique ingredients to specific functionality:

4. Marketing strategy

With the concepts in place, you’re one step closer to launch. Now, you need a marketing plan to kick things off. Your strategy should cover the fundamental five Ps of marketing:

Strategize in seconds with Quilt & Create

For ideas on how to advertise your product and appeal to customers, get Value Propositions from Quilt & Create based off your prompt.

The AI generates recommendations on what makes your product the greatest and sets you apart from the competition:

Once the marketing strategy is in place, it’s time to make that thought bubble a tangible thing. Create the prototype and test it with users to uncover and fix any hiccups or issues before the big launch.

Tell Quilt & Create about your idea, brand or product get an endless flow of natural, targeted copy through machine learning.

Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
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