February 14, 2024
From 'Meh' to Memorable: Leveraging AI Insights for Consumer Connection

Feeling uninspired lately? This feeling of ‘meh-ness’ is a universal human experience in instances where everything feels dull and unexciting — whether it’s a #mondayblues kind of morning or an evening plagued by an existential crisis. Interestingly, it’s precisely in breaking down these moments that businesses find a unique opportunity to transform a common emotional state into a series of potential touchpoints. 

The core challenge brands face is deciphering the complex web of consumer emotions, especially the elusive and often overlooked state of 'meh-ness'. With that in mind, we came up with a comprehensive dive into these emotional landscapes by identifying specific moments where consumers typically feel disengaged or indifferent, and mapped out the distinct facets of joy they seek to counterbalance these feelings. This exploration, powered by advanced AI analytics and human insight, offers a fresh perspective and nuanced understanding of brand strategy and consumer engagement.

To learn more about what makes people feel ‘meh’, we curated a list of 45 hashtags to pull over 5000 social media posts across Instagram and TikTok; and then ran the vast dataset through our AI classification system. The results? We were able to identify ten distinct ‘meh’ moments, each representing a unique state of mind. 

Most Common States

Lazy Limbo stood out as the leading mindset at 19.1%, and captures a pervasive sense of lethargy where even the thought of engaging in enjoyable activities feels daunting. Characterized by endless “doom-scrolling” or binge-watching, it speaks to a deep-seated need for motivation and inspiration. Brands that offer easy, engaging solutions or products that inspire action can effectively capture the attention of those stuck in this inertia.

Workday Woes (14.6%) reflect the dread of a boring routine that signals all work and no play, a sentiment that spans across demographics. The longing for simple pleasures and freedom during the monotonous work cycle suggests a prime opportunity for brands to offer escapes — be it through immersive experiences or products that bring a sense of relief and anticipation for the personal time that lies beyond the office hours.

Boredom Blahs followed closely in third position at 14.5%. In this frame of mind, life's vibrancy dims and makes every activity seem uninteresting. Here, the craving for playfulness and newness signals a gap that innovative products or experiences can fill, turning mundane moments into sources of discovery and excitement to make those ‘blah’ days better.

Implications for Brands: Marketing and Positioning

For the F&B industry, these insights are particularly potent; whether it’s creating marketing campaigns that resonate with specific 'meh' moments or repositioning the brand as a companion in the consumer's emotional journey. For instance, addressing 'Workday Woes' with new coffee blends or special lunch menus introduces a spark of joy into the otherwise boring work day. Similarly, combating 'Boredom Blahs' with interactive cooking classes or adventurous menu items elevates the brand experience from mere consumption to an engaging adventure.

This approach ensures that marketing efforts are not just seen but felt, resonating deeply with consumers' current emotional states. By addressing the specific 'meh' moments identified in the study, a brand can position itself as an entity that understands and responds to the nuanced needs of its audience. This transforms brand-customer interactions, making them more personal, more meaningful, and ultimately, more impactful.

The AI-powered insights offer a blueprint for brands to navigate the complex emotional landscapes of their consumers. It underscores the potential of leveraging moments of indifference as opportunities for engagement, turning what might seem like marketing challenges into moments of connection and joy. For F&B brands, this means crafting experiences that don't just satisfy hunger or quench thirst but fulfill deeper emotional needs, elevating the brand’s impression in the hearts and minds of consumers — and could very well be the key to unlocking unparalleled brand loyalty and love.


synthesizing vast data into actionable insights that reflect each market's unique cultural and economic backdrop


grasping the distinct consumer perspectives that these diverse regions offer

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Curated digital profiles:

-Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (US)

-Weibo and Douyin (China)

Pulled 400 million unique searches to estimate the growth of each segment

Used Quilt.AI’s Sphere language and image capabilities to categorise lifestyle areas into specific segments

Glamour Seekers

These consumers are confident, bold, and comfortable with modern masculinity. They also often turn to social media to express their personal style and interests.

Actionable Insight: Collaborate with high-profile fashion influencers to create vibrant, trend-setting campaigns that resonate with this segment's desire for attention and admiration.

Vanity Vanguards

Highly image-driven, these individuals often seek validation through their appearance and are likely to engage heavily with both grooming and fashion products.

Actionable Insight:Leverage digital marketing strategies that feature before-and-after visuals and testimonials that showcase the transformative power of the products

Conscious Icons

These men aim to be recognized as modern, open-minded, and sensitive – embodying the image of "the woke good guy" in today's society by actively participating in movements related to activism and gender equality.

Actionable Insight:Design marketing campaigns that highlight their participation in these movements, showcasing products that enable them to express and amplify their desired social identities.

Youthful Trendsetters

They value beauty while still maintaining traditional masculine ideals of what it means to be good-looking. These men also tend to seek out methods of maintaining their youthful appearances.

Actionable Insight:Market products that boost physical appeal and suit active lifestyles, and focus on dynamic marketing that highlights masculine elegance.

Trusted Patrons

Despite seeing gender in traditionally binary terms, these men aren’t afraid of behaving in more feminine manners. They own their uniqueness and tend to be deeply loyal to brands that affirm their identity.

Actionable Insight:Focusing on brand narratives that celebrate individuality and personal expression will better engage this segment. Brands can also offer personalized services to maintain their commitment.

Innovation Advocates

As consumers who value knowledge, they embrace technology and innovation that enhances their lives. Wanting to stay ahead of the curve, they prefer brands that offer cutting-edge solutions that reflect their own mentality.

Actionable Insight:Market products to this segment by emphasizing innovation, utility, and exclusivity. Brands can focus on how their products integrate the latest technology and engage these men through intelligent content that speaks to their curiosity.

Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
Visuals illustrated are to bring concepts to life only.
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