31 August 2023
Sugar, Spice and Everything NewJeans
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Decked in nostalgic Y2K fashion and youthful vibrancy, NewJeans has quickly become the fresh-faced KPOP group to take over the world by storm.
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Decked in nostalgic Y2K fashion and youthful vibrancy, NewJeans has quickly become the fresh-faced KPOP group to take over the world by storm.

Since debuting in July 2022, this new KPOP act has bagged multiple awards and accolades, including the Daesang 2022 Award, New Artist of the Year (Digital) 2023 Award and the K-Billboard’s Hot Rookie 2022 Award.
Two images showing the band NewJeans. Top right image shows a close up photo of five girls, from the band NewJeans, wearing white tshirts. Center image shows the same five girls performing on stage.
Beyond the group’s undeniable talent, there are a few other reasons why NewJeans has successfully secured their title as KPOP’s newest darling.

NewJeans’ instant success can be largely attributed to one thing: nostalgia marketing—and this goes beyond just their fashion and merchandising.
Emotions Detected in Images
Infographic on emotions detected in images — nostalgia being the largest with 49 counts, followed by Community with 42 counts and Vitality with 35 counts.
Their discography utilizes a sound heavily inspired by UK Garage, Baltimore Club, Jersey Club and K-Electropop. The upbeat music, paired with dynamic dance choreography and bell-like vocals, proved to be the perfect combination for virality. This makes it easy for them to promote across borders, effectively propelling them to international stardom.
Facets of Positive Emotion
Infographics on facets of positive emotions. 54.2% on music or dance and 30.53% on consumerism and related events.
But of course, their branding strategy also deserves a shoutout.

In an industry where maximalism is pervasive, NewJeans’ approach to be ‘ laid-back and natural’ ironically made them stand out. Compared to other KPOP acts that have built their branding around complex concepts (think universes, superpowers and curated alter egos), NewJeans’ focus on music and the charms of its members mirrors the 90s KPOP groups. To seasoned KPOP fans, NewJeans is a breath of fresh air.
Three 3D graphics showing #newjeans have 1.1M posts on Instagram and 20.2B views on TikTok.
Their strategy involves building NewJeans according to two archetypes: The Innocent and the Jester.
The main archetype in building NewJeans, Innocent, "Free to be you and me". The core desire is happiness and the strategy is to do things right. The personality is humble, genuine and optimistic and the brands of archetype are Dove, Nestle and Aveeno.The secondary archetype in building NewJeans, Jester, "You only live once". Core desire is Pleasure and the strategies are play, make jokes and be funny. Personality is playful, carefree and fun-loving and the brands of archetype are Doritos, Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club.
The Innocent’s pursuit of happiness alongside The Jester’s desire to bring joy and laughter to the world is evident in their brand, from their music to their members—and their fans sure can vouch for this!
An infographic on emotions detected in text. Joy, being the largest, is 90.56%, followed by Sadness, Anger and lastly, Optimism.
Five exclusive NewJeans, the band's plush bunny dolls, on grass. Adjectives and descriptions are present that describe the brand values signaled in each NewJeans music video. 'Warm' is about being friendly and approachable. 'Confident' is about believing in yourself and your abilities. 'Independent' is about setting off your own path. 'Playful' is about enjoying life and having fun. 'Imaginative' is about creativity and finding new ways of doing things.
Brand Values Signaled in Each Music Video
As per their archetypes, NewJeans possesses these brand values as their top 5, of which are pervasive in every aspect of their branding, from their music down to their casual TikTok videos.
Tracks that are similar to the band NewJeans. These include Sunshine by Gabrielle (Wookie Main Mix), Running Blind by Aluna, Tchami & Kareen Lomax), Pretty Girl by Cookiee Kawaii, Baltimore by Blvck Buttafly, Pain by PinkPantheress, and Shy Guy by Tinashe.
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