At Quilt Health, we are committed to making sense of all internet conversations on health.

We provide companies across the entire health ecosystem insight into doctor and patient experience, their unmet needs, challenges and pain points. Driving actionable insights at scale and speed will ultimately empower organizations to deliver more frequent positive health outcomes.

Our Approach

How we partner with our clients


HCP/Patient Research 
Identify unmet needs, challenges and pain points mapped across a treatment journey. Empower launch, mature or established brands with close to real-time customer insights to improve comms strategy and inform experience design.
KOL Identification
Leveraging our map of HCP’s academic and social influence, identify who is the right KOL to partner with for a variety of HCP-led initiatives.  


Brand Asset Evaluation
Assess communications and assets in real-time to understand how closely aligned they are to brand values and resonance to local cultures as well as comparing to competitor assets or industry benchmarks. 
Conference/Virtual Event Monitoring
Monitor the relevance, effectiveness and impact of external engagement activities, to optimize future awareness and learning experiences for customers. 


Generative Ideation Models
Leverage the power of our AI models to ideate new concepts for communication or health services to really differentiate against competitors and new entrants.