Sex-positive behavior among adolescents boys in India


Prominent philanthropy


Promoting sex-positive behavior and reducing misogynistic behavior among adolescent boys in Rajasthan, India.

Insight and Impact

The key elements we wanted to “shift” were around the space of safe sex, objectification of women, and an overall reduction of misogyny and entitlement.

To do so, we launched a behavior change campaign through 3 platforms — Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. The nudges used to prompt the target audience towards positive action were related to both SRH and gender e.g. reducing the embarrassment of buying condoms or reducing objectification when describing women.

The campaign targeted an estimated 4.8 million boys in the state. Impact was gauged through changing search behavior which included the following: 

20% increase in information seeking behavior around condoms 
20% decrease in consumption of misogynistic content e.g. “sexy youtube videos rajasthani girls”