Electric Vehicles
in Europe


Leading climate
advocacy group


Understanding narratives around internal combustion engine (ICE) and Electric vehicles (EVs) across 5 countries in Europe.

Insight and Impact

We identified dominant narratives and trends on ICE and EV discourse in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Poland. In particular, we analyzed: search behavior related to ICEs and EVs and segmented attitudes towards using an ICE or EV vehicle.
We found three types of audiences: 

Rejectors & Unaware:  unwilling to buy an EV
Aware & Unsure:  know about EVs and thinking about buying
The Converted:  support using or buying an EV

We then developed a robust communication plan that targeted each segment with tailored messages on using or buying an EV. The messages include facts about EVs’ sustainability, benefits of having an EV, policies related to EVs, and busting myths about ICEs and EVs.