21 october 2022
Terminally Chic: AI Picks Your Next Flight Outfit
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Consumer air travel has taken off again, returning to a degree of pre-pandemic fervor as people seek adventure and respite.
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Consumer air travel has taken off again, returning to a degree of pre-pandemic fervor as people seek adventure and respite. Before the destination, though, there’s always another journey to undertake — heading to the airport and sitting through a flight.

After the initial flurry of vacation-bound excitement has passed, the experience can feel exhausting, especially on long-haul flights of the red-eye variety. The romance of travel wears thin when you’re stuck in the air with a broken body clock and stiff knees, kept awake by unwelcome sounds and sudden turbulence.

On top of earplugs and blackout sleeping masks, your last defense against the ordeal of commercial flying would be the clothes on your back. Fabrics that allow for breathability and freedom of movement make all the difference, as do lightweight layers that protect you from the notorious chill of airports and planes.

And while comfort is key when it comes to #airportfashion, it doesn’t hurt to be sartorial either. This is, after all, the outfit you’ll be landing in. Using Sphere to source for inspiration, we learnt that travel outfits have evolved far beyond leggings and sweatpants.
Sphere found Instagram and TikTok posts containing these hashtags…
And applied cultural AI models to identify main color palettes, aesthetics and styles:
Sphere analytics in action: Unsupervised Image Classifier
We specified 8 popular fashion styles and got Sphere’s AI classifier to group the images it found by the styles detected.

In the pursuit of comfort, Athleisure, Streetwear and Business Casual came up on top.
This aesthetic is a glow up of the sweaty gym rat look: flattering body-tight lycra with oversized hoodies or sweatpants. It’s comfy, sexy, and keeps you ready to go places.
Born from the subculture styles of skaters, surfers, and hip-hop heads, this aesthetic is a casual-cool hybrid of tracksuits, graphic tees, and the freshest kicks.
Business Casual
Forged by the tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, this style is a blend of formal business wear with casual pieces that looks smart but not stuffy.
Sphere analytics in action: Subculture and Aesthetics Detection
Sphere also picked up more looks that made for perfect #airportstyle. The AI detected these new aesthetics that meld fashion with relaxation — Chic Modernist, Glam Rock, Adventurecore, and Luxe Grunge.
Sphere analytics in action: Color Detection
Finally, Sphere found light, cool colors to be the basis of #airportfashion. The top shades detected were light gray, lavender, tan, and light steel blue, which made for a sophisticated laid-back palette.
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