27 September 2023
Speeding up brand strategy across industries:
Using Generative AI as your compass for brand positioning
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In a world saturated with endless chatter and fleeting trends, businesses grapple with a daunting question: How can they rise above the noise and forge a lasting connection with consumers?
Sphere's Brand Positioning app harnesses generative AI to give you effective strategies to refine your brand identity and elevate your brand's impact with ease.

The answer often lies in the art of brand positioning — a strategic compass that not only guides a brand's decisions but also shapes its relationship with customers and the broader industry. But it’s definitely a lot easier said than done. 

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences and market dynamics requires finesse and insight and demands an understanding of how brands can authentically stand out and remain relatable. That’s why we created Brand Positioning, a generative AI app that formulates an endless flow of strategic ideas customized specifically for your brand.

In just seconds, generate the following to guide your brand to success:


Brand vision


Ideal future consumers
and trends


Product opportunities


Brands to draw inspiration

Let’s see how the app can be used across different industries:

Beauty and Skincare
Brand Vision

The brand centers itself around simplifying and demystifying skincare through emphasizing transparency. It envisions a future where beauty is not about complex formulations or extravagant packaging but about straightforward, effective solutions that anyone can understand.

Ideal Future Consumers and Trends

The ideal future customer for beauty and skincare brands represents a discerning individual with a deep commitment to conscious beauty choices. These consumers have shed the allure of opulent packaging and elaborate fragrances — in an era where information flows freely, these consumers are empowered to scrutinize product labels, research ingredients, and make informed choices. They prioritize skincare and beauty products that offer simplicity in their ingredient lists and full transparency in formulation. For them, the appeal lies in knowing precisely what they are applying to their skin.

Product Opportunities

Simplicity-First Skincare

Skincare lines with minimalist and recognizable ingredient lists, free from unnecessary additives or complexities. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants resonate with consumers as these offer proven benefits without unnecessary complexity.

Transparency-Centric Formulations

Emphasize full transparency in product formulations and provide consumers with clear, comprehensible information about the benefits of each ingredient.

Personalized Skincare Regimens

Tailored skincare routines to individual needs and preferences. Create interactive platforms or apps that allow consumers to input their skin concerns and goals to receive personalized skincare routines and product combinations.

Brands to Draw Inspiration From

"The Ordinary" by DECIEM is a notable brand that consumers admire for its focus on simpler and more transparent ingredients, removing the need for opulent packaging and unnecessary fragrances. Paula's Choice is also celebrated for its dedication to simplicity and ingredient transparency, and has cultivated a loyal following among those who value straightforward, science-backed skincare that prioritizes effectiveness over extravagant packaging or hidden formulations.

Health and Wellness
Brand Vision

The brand envisions a future where healthcare products are effective, environmentally responsible and affordable. It's about fostering a world where holistic well-being is not a luxury but a fundamental right, and understanding the importance of empowering consumers.

Ideal Future Consumers and Trends

These consumers are no longer satisfied with one-size-fits-all health solutions; they want products that cater to their unique well-being needs. Trends in health and wellness indicate a significant shift towards holistic wellness, with consumers looking for stress-relief solutions, mindfulness practices, and sustainable, ethically-sourced wellness products.

Product Opportunities

Tailored Nutritional Supplements

Design nutritional supplements or combinations to address specific health goals and deficiencies. These supplements can be personalized based on an individual's health profile from comprehensive check-ups, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need for optimal well-being.

Stress-Relief Aromatherapy

Innovate products infused with aromatherapy to address modern consumers' desire for holistic well-being. These products can promote relaxation, stress relief, and mindfulness for overall well-being.

Personalized Nutritional Meal Plans

Home-delivered meal plans or meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients based on the consumer’s dietary preferences, health goals, and dietary restrictions. Health goals can include muscle gain, gut health, or even brain health.

Brands to Draw Inspiration From

NoHo Health’s Care/of vitamin packs allow its customers to receive personalized packs each month that helps with their health goals. Young Living is another brand that is recognised for strictly adhering to therapeutic grade oils that have genuine health benefits.

Automotive and Mobility
Brand Vision

The brand wants to ensure that transportation is no longer a burden on the environment, but rather a force for sustainability. By creating a new line of smart, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced vehicles, it aims to lead the way in sustainable and innovative mobility while maintaining affordability for consumers.

Ideal Future Consumers and Trends

Future customers in the automotive and mobility sector seek out electric and hybrid vehicles, especially if the vehicles have increased performance and functionality. The brand’s ideal consumers also include the younger generation, who may be more open to autonomous driving features for increased convenience and safety.

Product Opportunities

Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Develop innovative energy storage solutions for electric vehicles to enhance battery life, reduce charging times, and increase overall efficiency.

Urban Mobility Solutions

Create sharing compact urban mobility options such as electric scooters or smaller self-driving electric vehicles tailored for short-distance commuting. These can also include specially allocated areas for vehicle pick-up and drop-off.

Electric Commercial Vehicles

Expand the range of electric and hybrid vehicles to include commercial options such as delivery vans and trucks, addressing the sustainability needs of the logistics and transportation industry.

Brands to Draw Inspiration From

Tesla has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry. It proved that electric vehicles can be both stylish and high-performance, and has since become synonymous with cutting-edge technology. Polestar is another brand that is known for its unique combination of sustainability, performance, and luxury — consumers recognize them for their ethically sourced materials and their high standards for eco-friendly luxury vehicles.

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