06 december 2022
Hangxiety Relief
2 min read
It's Sunday morning. You wake up parched and overwhelmingly nauseous. Your head is pounding and the daylight is eye-searing. If you've ever had too many drinks, these symptoms are all too familiar.
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The dreaded hangover has been long documented in science, song, literature, and regretful morning after text messages. But these physical manifestations often don’t compare to the mental anguish that comes along: The shame and guilt over what was said or done, the inability to focus or relax, the ceaseless worrying if everyone hates you as much as you hate yourself…This post-drinking anxiety now has a name — hangxiety.
This post-drinking anxiety now has a name — hangxiety
Here’s how alcohol causes this anxiety: It first mimics a calming brain chemical which is why drinking initially increases relaxation. But after that, the body fights to normalize its chemistry by reducing the calm and increasing an excitatory chemical with the opposite effect — restlessness and excitement.

Alcoholic drinks also contain lots of sugar which cause a blood sugar crash upon consumption. In response, the body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to normalize blood sugar levels. These hormones create mental stress and feelings of panic, which increase the hangxiety.

In a perfect world, there would be a strain of booze that elicits the right amount of relaxation without triggering the chemical chaos. We gave Quilt & Create this dream product brief and used its value proposition mode to manifest it into being:
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