Culturally Informed 

 Algorithmically Scaled 

What can our products do for you?

Increase understanding of cultures, micro and macro forces, history and trajectory.

Optimise your brand, product and creative assets so that you are culturally appropriate and differentiated.

Deepen your understanding of the individuals you have known, and will know in the future.





The underground and macro trends impacting your category and shaping your audiences' world-views. Great for building brands and solutions that resonate and feel contemporary. 



Our Culture AI tests and refines messaging in a way to better resonate with the audience. Great for ensuring that what you say is culturally appropriate and in-tune.



Layering multiple cultural data sets across disciplines to map out opportunities across geographies. Great for discovering new opportunities and patterns before everyone else.




How do consumers experience the category and what values do they associate with all the different brands? Great for evaluating your offering and understanding what to design for.



How do our semiotic machines evaluate your advertising content and how can we use AI to increase differentiation? Great for making communications stand out and make impact.



What types of trends are taking place around your brand and category that are not reflected on social media? Great for staying ahead of the curve, even if for a moment.




Taking internal and external data sets to increase understanding about audiences so that you can discover them online and connect with them. Great for increasing empathy and developing new clusters.



Finding new consumer types and understanding the people who influence them. Great for discovering new opportunities and increasing impact.



Simulating the consumer filter bubble, and testing your communication with this ecosystem to understand resonance. Great for testing new ideas.

Image by Mike C. Valdivia

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