This Weekend We Virtually Visited Tywyn

Updated: May 21, 2020

There are a handful of Game of Thrones fans at Quilt.AI and when we were brainstorming about which place to virtually visit this weekend, a town called Tywyn in Wales caught our attention! Although unrelated to the award-winning HBO series’ character Tywin Lannister, we were delighted to learn more about this seaside town on the Cardigan Bay coast of southern Gwynedd, Wales through the course of our virtual visit.

If you’ve been following our virtual travel series over the last few weeks, you’ll know how this works: we looked at Instagram posts, YouTube vlogs, TripAdvisor reviews, and travel blogs to curate a 36-hour itinerary, inspired by New York Times popular travel column.

36 Hours in Tywyn


9.00 AM: Train Ride

Explore the Tywyn countryside aboard the Talyllyn Railway, the world’s first preserved railway. Powered by a historic steam engine will take you past the beautiful Fathew valley in Snowdonia National Park, as well as numerous waterfalls, streams, and valleys.

10.30 AM: Coffee Time

Enjoy a coffee and sandwiches at King’s Cafe at Talyllyn Railway while the myriad station activities keep you entertained.

Source: TripAdvisor

11.30 AM: Visit a Trampoline Park

Get off the beaten track and head over to the Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park. An hour’s drive from Tywin, it has a maze of 10,000 square feet of nets with three trampoline levels- one at 20 feet, one at 60 feet and the tallest at 180 feet off the ground inside an old mine!

2.00 PM: Comfort Food

Stock up on some energy with some local Welsh/British cuisine at Isallt Coffee House.

3.30 PM: Get Some Vitamin-sea

Post lunch, hop over to Tywyn beach to enjoy a walk along the gorgeous sandy coastline and sand dunes that give Tywyn its name (Tywyn literally means 'beach' or 'sand-dune'). Enjoy an afternoon nap, surf if the weather permits, and stay back to catch a sunset.

6.30 PM: Fish & Chips

Enjoy an early dinner of fish and chips at Proper Gander or Salt Marsh Kitchen.

Source: TripAdvisor

8.00 PM: Watch a Welsh Film

End the day with a Welsh film at the Magic Lantern Cinema, known to be the United Kingdom’s best independent cinema.


9.00 AM: St. Cadfan Church

Start the day with a visit to the 1500-year-old St. Cadfan Church, which is home to the Cadfan Stone that dates back to the ninth century and features the earliest known inscriptions of written Welsh!

If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to attend a charitable strawberry tea party, which is occasionally hosted by the church.

10.00 AM: Dolgoch Falls

Visit the stunning Dolgoch Falls for a taste of nature and some relaxing time by the water. Take along a book, a pad to draw or write, or if you prefer, simply let your mind wander to the sound of the flowing water.

12.00 PM: High Tea

When in Wales, do like the Welsh do! Enjoy afternoon high-tea (read light lunch) at the family-run Dolgoch Tea Rooms.

Source: TripAdvisor

1.30 PM: Fishing Trip

Take a chartered fishing trip to try your hand at catching at least one of 40 types of species found in 40 species that have been caught - including mackerel, whiting, dabs, dogfish, gurnard, rays, tope, pollack, codling, spurdog, herring, bass, bull huss, cod, ling, conger, and coalfish!

4.00 PM: Leisure Park

Earn your final dinner of the trip by burning some calories at the Tywyn Leisure Park. With a variety of outdoor activities on offer, including but not limited to golf, tennis, outdoor pool, shuffleboard, and skittles, it’s a great place for people of all ages to hang out in the evenings.

5.30 PM: I Scream “Ice Cream”

Cool off with the famous honey ice-cream at Holgates Ice Cream Shop - the plain honey ice cream with a Cadbury’s flake on top comes highly recommended.

6.00 PM: Evening Stroll

Make the most of the newfound sugar-rush and set off on a short hike along the Dysynni River to Ynysymaengwyn.

7.30 PM: Dinner

End the trip on a high with champagne and some delicious rib-eye steak or a lobster at Sea Breeze restaurant. They’re also known to have the best mussels, pork belly and sea bass in town!

Source: TripAdvisor

While 36 hours are likely to be more than sufficient to get a taste of Tywyn at a pace that’s both active and yet relaxing if you have more time on your hands, head over to Snowdonia National Park for a couple of days (it’s only a half an hour drive away).


How to get there

Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool airports are the closest airports to Tywyn, with Birmingham offering a simple rail connection to Tywyn via Shrewsbury and Machynlleth.

Where to stay

There are options for all budget types- from a basic but neat AirBnb to a regular hotel. Take your pick.

When to go

The best time to visit Tywyn is from June to September.


Wales is part of the United Kingdom and the same visa and immigration rules apply.


The currency in Tywyn is the pound sterling (£). ATMs are widely available. Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most but not all hotels and restaurants.

Getting around

Tywyn has a fairly good public transport system including public buses, trains, and taxis.


Welsh and English are spoken in Tywyn.

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