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The Leo Season - The Season of Expressing Yourself (July 20th to August 19th)

Cancer season’s introspection is out and Leo season’s roar of energy is in: The lion zodiac symbol is a time period making us magnanimous, loyal, protective, and filled with fiery drama.

Self-assured, charismatic and optimistic, this fire sign starts when the sun shifts into Leo season on July 20th, bringing a feeling of confidence, buoyancy, direction, goal-orientation, with an eagerness to put on a show and be playful while expressing oneself without any reservations. As great as this energy sounds, it can come as quite a jolt from the inward-looking slower pace of the previous Cancer season, but it can result in a motivational push to get whatever it is “you’ve been dreaming about achieving”.

This period results in stronger feelings of a sense of self, perhaps newly born of the introspection of the previous season's Cancer traits. It’s a time of conviction and being driven for whatever it is you seek or want out of this life. This is a period of flourishing creativity, so embracing this feeling of being certain of yourself will lead you into excelling at what you do. It is the season for brightness and creating memorable moments because the sun is at its strongest in this zodiac sign. Leo Season is a drama and flair-fueled time where everyday mundaneness can be converted into something fabulous, so take on this time to give your life a “glow-up”.

#Leoseason - The season of expressing oneself - (July 20th to August 19th)

A time when consumers are ready to go all-in on their lives, they believe in “taking back charge of their life” in this period. They want to move ahead and free themselves of self-imposed constraints, grabbing “the bull by the horns” and changing their fate. It brings about confidence in the expression of self and what they’d want and like to have in their lives.

Our cultural read of poster behavior highlights elements of creativity, affiliation, and affection, which act to reinforce the consumer’s self-identity. This is felt in post captions that self empower like “each journey is a calling to believe in yourself and your craft.” Inspired by self-belief, consumers pick up their bootstraps and push through hard times with true faith and better futures to come, such as in this example “at dialysis treatment, chilling and wearing my favorite Super Mario t-shirt and feeling old school gamer.” There are also clear indications of a confidence boost and self-assurance with captions like “natural born hu$tler, stunting is my strong suit.”

Consumers are sure of themselves and are ready to face anything, so this inevitably translates to their consumer behavior. In attempts to take charge of their lives and environment, several look to certain products and services that assist them in the quest to feel good about themselves again, despite possible hardships. At this time any product or service interest is an addition or extension to the consumers' identity. They sway towards clothing and accessory items or search for adventure projects and self-care products. The best approach to communicating to consumers in the Leo season is to show them you understand that there is, “Behold, a beauty from within.” Let them know that it’s ok to “take risks. Break rules and go after what you want” and break free from the mundane by rising “above the in-between”.

The company implications for consumer behavior in this time are as follows:

There is a science to consumer behavior that is exhibited in each Astrological Season that is, for the most part, applicable to all people and brands. Better understanding the subtleties of each season in our Astrological Seasonal Trends (AST) series will allow brands to better engage and activate their customers by understanding their behaviors and desires.

Keep up with these Astrological Seasonal Trends to better understand behaviors and stay tuned for more to come in this blog series.

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