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Gemini Season - Breaking the Shackles (May 20th to June 19th)

Updated: May 10

In the next installment of our Astrological Seasonal Trends series, we move into the season of Gemini, starting May 20th to June 19th. This season is characterized by a desire to rebel, indulge, and socialize as much as possible! Perhaps the sentiment to best describes this season is that until now you have been a good rule-abiding citizen and perhaps even living life a little quietly, but this season that all changes as it is the time to have some fun! During this season, “having a good time” should be a priority, making it the ideal time for individuals to shake off and break away from normalcy.

While this period will be fun, it’s also going to be very busy, as one will find themselves having to make time for all the festivities taking place. People are vaccinated and everyone’s excited to be celebrating their newfound freedom, so we expect to see lots of invitations to parties this season.

Fun and merriment take on various forms in our lives, and there’s even a little taste of sweet rebellion that astrologers believe is due to the positioning of Venus in our sky. It is believed that this is the time when little rebellions will emerge in your life, for instance, spontaneously changing hair colors or styles, engaging in secret flings, or it could even mean drinking straight from the carton, even though you know your parents or spouse have expressly disapproved of this practice.

It seems taking actions that are outside of your norm marks this season, and these actions will make you feel free. Indulging in rebellious ideas and doing things out of the box may push one to realize how much they love it and may push them to explore even more. This may also teach people to care less about what others think and just be themselves.

#GeminiSeason – Exploring new things - (May 20th to June 19th)

This season is all about feelings of restlessness, spontaneity, and curiosity. Perhaps due to the “capricious nature of the twin zodiac sign”; the need to be active and social will manifest as the world welcomes the approach of summer! In this time, life becomes fresh and vibrant again, giving us the feeling that “there is always something new to discover”.

For consumers, it is a time for sensuality and affiliation expressed and manifested through exploration of both our inner and outer worlds, such as the great outdoors and peering into the lives of other people. When looking at behavioral trends in this time period we find three key markers:

Analysis of social media behavior by consumers reveals that individuals are rejuvenated by this season, expressing feelings of being refreshed and ready to face the rest of the year ahead. Many even describe it, as a “life-changing season” in varying degrees, be it socially or inner awakenings. Consumers will want to take opportunities and chances to step a little out of their routine and comfort zones in order to see new perspectives of the world they live in. They are particularly open to new experiences that will expand and help them explore their mind and soul.

In terms of product and service categories of interest during this season, trends suggest that consumers will begin vacation planning for the upcoming summer holidays, exploring new outdoor activities, or even discovering the world of immersive VR (Virtual Reality).

The underlying tone and sentiment of this season are to let consumers know that it's never too late to become who you want to be, so with your help as a brand or company, the message should encourage consumers to go wherever and meet whoever they want, allowing them to understand that they can never go wrong if they are doing something different! Here is our breakdown of the best ways to reach customers during this season:

There is a science to consumer behavior that is exhibited in each Astrological Season that is applicable to all people and brands. Better understanding the subtleties of each season in our Astrological Seasonal Trends (AST) series will allow brands to better engage and activate their customers by understanding their behaviors and desires.

Keep up with these Astrological Seasonal Trends to better understand behaviors and stay tuned for our upcoming blog series (AST) that will break down each season’s insights.

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