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Taurus Season - Time for a Breather (April 20th to May 19th)

Updated: Apr 26

Following the Aries season, as the sun shifts into the second sign, comes the Taurus season. A time that offers us the chance to chill, steady ourselves, and to find comfort.

This season marks the core of springtime when seeds germinate, trees and flowers start budding, and when we can say with certainty that winter is over! This sign is represented by the bull, implying strength, tenacity, and stubbornness even, but also taking in simple pleasures, relaxing, self luxury, and enjoying the great outdoors.

The Taurus season focuses less on the work that the body can do but the pleasurable feelings it can experience as well. This Taurus season is all about getting back to nature and giving yourself a mental break from life’s tensions. Considered the zodiac’s fixed earth sign, the energy and tendency is down to earth, hardworking and all signs of the zodiac should experience being more grounded in reality and being more in touch with your environment.

#TaurusSeason - The season of restoration and finding joy in the simple things- (April 20th to May 19th)

This is the time when people prepare to “sow and celebrate” all that there is to life but is also symbolized by hard work. Perhaps mildly contradictory in nature, it is a time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty but could potentially also be a time for taking a step back and reflecting on the importance of taking a breather in order to remind oneself that the little joys in life matter most. Our cultural read for this particular season is one of solitude and nostalgia, as individuals embrace their break time. The three key markers for this season are:

Analysis of social media post behavior reflects the energy of this Taurus season as well, wherein people are documenting their well-deserved downtime, smelling the roses and embracing the calming beauty of the great outdoors.

We narrowed down consumer behavior of this season to consumers practicing mindfulness more readily in their lives as they face their day-to-day challenges. They are in search of outlets that give them the opportunity to focus on the positives of life, particularly in the cases of individuals feeling overwhelmed. This is manifested in consumers looking for something seemingly “mindless” that provides respite from personal realities. Our research indicates a spike in interest in such product categories as home edible gardens, online gaming and even alcohol, all of which imply a sort of break from life’s routine and mundaneness.

The messages that companies should be sending across to their customers should provoke feelings like, “the little things in life are actually often the biggest things in life” while also reminding their customers that it’s also a time to “be kind to oneself and not forgetting to have a little fun” and to truly “pay attention to one’s feelings”. It’s paramount that companies understand and cater to the season’s energy and prioritize time for the little beauties and pleasures of life. Here are the branding implications to be considered in this season of Taurus:

There is a science to consumer behavior that is exhibited in each Astrological Season that is, for the most part, applicable to all people and brands. Better understanding the subtleties of each season in our Astrological Seasonal Trends (AST) series will allow brands to better engage and activate their customers by understanding their behaviors and desires.

Keep up with these Astrological Seasonal Trends to better understand behaviors and stay tuned for our upcoming blog series (AST) that will break down each season’s insights.

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