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Aries Season - A Time for New Beginnings (March 20th - April 19th)

Astrology has been around for over 2400 years and has since remained a topic of interest for individuals around the world. In 2013, a Haris Polls found that roughly 29% of the American population firmly believes in the practice but more recent developments have indicated that there has been a general rise in public interest with regards to astrology since 2018.

Astrology Search Index Over Time (2016-2021)

Search index measures the relative interest of selected topics within the time period. This data is provided by Google.

With this rising interest comes a new type of consumer that our research indicates as more informed than in the past. Our observation of related search terms is that, with the rise in interest, consumers are not only more informed than before but they also expect more from companies than generic horoscopes and surface-level insights. This can be seen through the search terms being used, such as the “season of Aquarius” or “birth chart readings”.

So, why has interest in astrology taken a sudden upswing? Our research indicates that it serves consumers, more notably Millennials and Gen Zs, with a sanctuary from these uncertain times of the Covid pandemic. This is of particular interest because Millennials and Gen Zs represent current and future consumers in the market and astrology can provide insight into their behaviors, personalities, and tendencies. Astrology often feels like a sanctuary from the volatility and uncertainty of life, particularly since the pandemic.

In an effort to better understand consumer behavior in these times of peaking astrological interest, we used our AI to help translate season-specific digital signals into marketing insights. We were able to break down consumer trends and expectations based on current astrological seasons.

In our Astrological Seasonal Trends (AST) series, we aim to use those astrological insights to provide a better understanding of those aforementioned trends. We’ve chosen to start off this series with the Aries Season, as many astrologers believe it to be the astrological new year.

#AriesSeason – Astrological New Year and the start of the spring Equinox - (March 20th to April 19th). Going Along with Change!

While it remains true that many set New Year resolutions in January, many astrologers believe the spring equinox to be the true clean slate start to the year, a better-suited time for the birth of change and new ideas. Being the season that starts off the year, it is all about setting things in motion and representing the possibility of new opportunities and journeys to embark on! Overall, it marks a time of year wherein consumers are particularly open to experimenting with new ideas for their future, representing a novel futuristic hope. In addition, seeing others springing into action in this season spurs yet others' interests into undertaking new exciting experiences.. While most decisions carry an element of spontaneity, this season, in particular, marks a time wherein consumers are more willing to embrace change.

So what are the key markers of Aries Season? Our AI analyzed related consumer posts where we detected high levels of energy and expectancy in this period where consumers are embracing the season’s possibilities. These sentiments can best be summarized as feelings of Nostalgia, Vitality, and Vividness. Consumers are looking forward to a “post-covid” era while remaining intentional in channeling the season’s energy to make “smaller” changes to their lives. The result of this is an increased level of spontaneity, such as drastically changing their hair colors, trying completely different hobbies, or simply making changes to their daily routines to achieve a better version of themselves. The best way to address this Season’s energy in consumers is empowerment – “if you want it, go get it!” because “I’m in charge of me” and “I’m prepared to take the lead”. This is the time to offer consumers opportunities to make little changes to their lives for personal growth and improvement.

How then does this translate in terms of buying trends? We observed buying patterns in this season which reflect the values previously mentioned, through product categories such as health and fitness (home gym equipment, new virtual experiences and modern/alternative therapy.) We break down the branding implications for companies hoping to reach these customers:

There is a science to consumer behavior that is exhibited in each Astrological Season that is, for the most part, applicable to all people and brands. Better understanding the subtleties of each season in our Astrological Seasonal Trends (AST) series will allow brands to better engage and activate their customers by understanding their behaviors and desires.

Keep up with these Astrological Seasonal Trends to better understand behaviors and stay tuned for our upcoming blog series that will break down each season’s insights.

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