We set out to

 understand people better 

The internet is the largest reflection of  human behaviour 

The Internet is a repository of human behaviour, opinions, preferences, and social interactions.


At Quilt.AI, we understand that each of these digital fragments is meaningless without human context.


Anthropologists, semioticians and designers work together with engineers, data scientists and mathematicians. 


With so many different pairs of eyes, we research the internet as a dynamic reflection of the world. It allows us to understand people and culture at a scale never before possible.


We work with more than 100


The world is the limit. We study more than 2 billion people worldwide.

We spend half our time on commercial clients. 

We dedicate a quarter of our time on paid foundation work.

The rest? Moonshot work. Curiosity, directed.


We value Authentic Connection

We are Collegial. As a team passionate about solving complex briefs and client-issued challenges, we like to keep our team a challenge-free zone for balance.


No drama, no politics – we really like to get along. We’re not a cheesy family, but we genuinely care about each other and help each other out whenever possible. We like being kind. 


We are Autonomous

We’re very much big on teamwork too, but understand that endless dialogue, back-and-forths and micromanaging don’t make the dream work.


We prefer to communicate clearly and hyper-efficiently. We encourage independent decision-making. “Facetime” can take a backseat. Drive your own meeting. Run a research project. Launch a new ad strategy. We empower our team to truly own their work.


We embrace Creativity

We are a diverse team of different cultures, generations, skill sets and personalities, and we celebrate this. We encourage drawing from all these varied experiences to bring creativity to the table, always. 

We encourage ground-up innovation. We are happy to (legally and ethically) build on great ideas and solutions but we prefer to create things from scratch.

Parallel Lines

 Our Culture 

We place a large premium on clarity of thought and disciplined, deliberate decision making. We focus aggressively on making sure our insights add value to a client in simple, demonstrable ways. To make good work, we first have to make a good team. Here’s what makes ours.

 Join the Team 


We aim to increase understanding between organisations, people and cultures. We have an interdisciplinary team working towards building a system that increases understanding at speed and scale.