We set out to

 understand people better 

The internet is the largest reflection of  human behaviour 

The Internet is a repository of human behaviour, opinions, preferences, and social interactions.


At Quilt.AI we understand that each of these digital fragments is meaningless without human context.


Anthropologists, semioticians and designers work together with engineers, data scientists and mathematicians. 


This changes the internet into a dynamic reflection of the world, and allows us to understand people and culture at a scale never before possible.

We work with over 100 organisations to study more than

2 billion people across the world (except embargoed countries).

50% of our time is spent on commercial clients,

25% on paid foundation work, and 25% on moonshot work.

Our scale ranges from 100,000 to 100 million individuals.

We can deliver our solutions rapidly; in as little as 15 minutes, to as long as 48 hours.

 Our Team 

We aim to increase understanding between organisations, people and cultures. We have an interdisciplinary team working towards building a system that increases understanding at speed and scale.




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